Iris, daylillies, chives, Alaska mint, chickweed, lynchis and lillies

Daylilly buds and delphinium

For scale, the top of the lattice is 7′ above the ground.

The sun rose at 2:58 this morning and will set at 12:47 tomorrow morning for a total of 21 hours 49 minutes of daylight. Day-to-day change this close to the solstice, which will occur at 3:08 PM June 20 our time, is less than a minute, and the sun at noon is at its highest for the year at 48.6° above the horizon. It is quite light at night now. Luckily I’ve lived up here long enough that I have no problem sleeping in full daylight.

The first beginnings of green beans

The first beginnings of beans

Weather has been mixed, with sunshine, clouds, showers and the occasional thunderstorm. Not enough water for the garden, though; I had to water yesterday. It might make 80 today – I think I’ll get the garden work done early, while it’s still cool!

Yellow beets in need of thinning

The yellow beets come up in clusters. The reds are a 1 seed = 1 plant variety.

The white iris are in full bloom, and the wild roses and dwarf columbines are a little past their peak. The day lilies are budded, though not blooming yet, and the delphiniums are chin-high. The Maltese cross, Asiatic lilies and tall columbines are up, but not showing buds yet.

On a more practical note, the beans are in full bloom and are starting to show tiny bean pods, and the strawberries are also showing the first tiny green fruits. The beets had reached the point where they needed thinning, and I got to that yesterday. Beet thinnings braised in a little olive oil — yum! The squash is budded, but so far only male flowers. Herbs are thriving, and the two that are perennial, chives and a local mint, are doing their best to take over the garden. The first lettuce transplants are actually starting to bolt. Sad to say, the weeds are thriving too.

Lettuce getting ready to bolt

Lettuce starting to bolt.

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