Nebula M1-67 around Star WR 124Welcome to Six Sentence Sunday! Once again I am presenting a snippet from the last volume of my trilogy, working title War’s End. Coralie has suddenly found herself and her baby in a place completely strange to her, but which she has deduced is a forest. This follows on directly from last week’s snippet.

Where were the others?  Was it as hot and steamy as she thought it was, or was that part of the disorientation she felt?

She listened.  Wherever she was, it was far from quiet, but the sounds were so unfamiliar she could hardly name them, let alone identify them.  There were clicks, buzzes, and various tapping and rustling sounds, but mixed in with them were things that sounded appallingly like screams and sobbing, but far too high or low for anything she knew.  One whine seemed to be associated with a tiny flying mote that kept diving at her face.

Where is she? Where are the others? Are she and the baby completely alone?

One announcement. Notice the new badge at the top right, for the Science Fiction Romance Writers Midsummer Blog Hop? I’m borderline on romance in my science fiction though I do include some, mostly of the family rather than spicy sort. However, I am participating in the blog hop, with a post on what summer solstice would mean on a planet with really high tilt. Normally Friday would be a bit of Jarn’s Journal, but I’ll put that on Thursday instead. Do visit the SFR Blog Hop Friday, starting at midnight Pacific time.  There will be prizes drawn for commenting, including an e-reader, and I’m offering a PDF of either Homecoming or Tourist Trap, your choice.

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