wild roses

Bean flowers

The beans are close to blooming already.

The sun rose this morning at 3:06, and will set tomorrow morning at 12:37 for 21 hours 31 minutes of daylight. The gain has slowed down a little, to 4 minutes a day, and the noontime solar altitude is nearly constant around 48°. Darkness is now controlled more by cloud cover than by whether the sun is above the horizon.

We’ve had thunder several days this month, with hail a week ago and a storm that knocked out power for an hour or so last Friday. So far the garden is fine. The


The outer leaves of the lettuce in holes edging the raised bed are ready to cut.

first small buds are showing on the squash and beans, and the lettuce and herbs have reached cutting size. This time last year, I was still planting bean seeds! Strawberries and wild roses are in full bloom.

Highs are in the 70’s when it’s clear, and we reached 79 last Friday (which is probably where the energy for the storm came from.) Next week looks like more of the same – highs in the 70’s, intermittent showers. I’m not even having to water much, though it would be nice to have more sunshine.

P.S. later in the morning: the first bean blossom has opened, and I also have flowers on my “Sweet Pea” tomato.

Strawberries and white violets in bloom

Strawberries are blooming, though it’s hard to tell them from the white violets.