The first six of these quotes, all tweeted last week from @sueannbowling, are from Year of the Unicorn, by Andre Norton. This is a first person book, with Gillan as the narrator.

“Can anyone accept what they do not know?” Gillan is fighting with her own doubts and fears.

“Can any one truly say what a man is, or may come to be?” Gillan is trying to stand up against the pack, but at this point she does not believe her own words.

“Fear could become so familiar that it no longer was a goad.” This is what Gillan has said earlier, but now that the pack is trying to separate her spirit from her body, she is not so sure.

“Fear can kill.” Gillan, hiding from That which Runs The Ridges.

“Was I only real to myself?” Gillan, realizing that she has no shadow.

“To see ever the cloud and not the sun is to woefully and willingly blind oneself.” Gillan, as she prepares to take on herself the challenge to the pack.

“You’d be cheating them by taking more than your share of the work.” Sue Ann Bowling, Tourist Trap. Penny to Roi, when he offers to use his esper abilities to help with camp chores.