Hi, Sixers. This is a continuation of last week’s snippet from the third book of my trilogy in progress, working title War’s End. Coralie, her baby in her arms, has just ended her uncontrolled tumble though somewhere.

The trilogy is in what I’d call polished draft format. I need beta readers desperately, so e-mail me or leave a comment if you’d be interested in reading the whole trilogy. The individual books end on cliff-hangers (that sort of trilogy) so ideally they should be read together–but I should warn you the whole trilogy runs to about 400,000 words.

Somehow she managed to wiggle onto her back, where she could check Michelle [the baby].

The baby was wailing indignantly but so far as Coralie could tell, unhurt.  Was that overwhelming sense of hunger Coralie felt Michelle’s?  She offered her breast, and Michelle latched on greedily, her outrage forgotten in the pleasure of suckling.

Coralie’s vision was clearing now, and she looked up.  What she saw made no sense at first–a broken radial pattern of grays and browns of various shades, against a silver-spangled background of more shades of green than she had ever seen before.

Where is she? She’s supposed to be on a spaceship!

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