The first six of this week’s quotes are from Owlsight, by Mercedes Lackey and Larry Dixon. These are the quotes that were tweeted from @sueannbowling last week.

“That was the trouble with arguing with herself – she had to be honest.” Keisha, just after Shandi is Chosen, forced to admit to herself that she really could get Healer training if she were willing to leave her home and go among strangers.

“I’m so bad with people I can’t even win an argument with myself.” Keisha’s reflection on the argument above.

“Even the strangest people have familiar habits.” Darien’s reflection on Hawkbrother gossip.

“Our strength is in our bonds to one another.” This and the following two quotes are part of a Hawkbrother marriage ceremony, when Snowfire and Nightwind are formally married. .

“A joining is a partnership, not two people becoming one.”

“Love is willing to admit it is wrong.”

“They have to be able to work together.” Sue Ann Bowling, Tourist Trap. Lai, conflicted about Roi’s apparent acceptance of Zhaim.