All but the last of the past week’s quotes were from Sorceress of the Witch World, by Andre Norton.

“No bargain benefits but one alone.” Kaththea is so eager to have Utta teach her to get her powers back that she does not think of the possible cost.

“Used for ill, good becomes ill.” Kaththea, rethinking her bargain with Utta.

“The time comes when to the fighters the end justifies the means.” Kaththea’s thought as she begins to understand Zandur.

“Many times is speech weakness, silence strength.” Kaththea, deciding that silence is her best policy in dealing with Zandur.

“It is a hard thing to see one’s world swept away and lost.”  Jaelith, speaking of Hilarion.

“There are many ifs and buts to be faced in every lifetime.”  Jaelith to Kaththea. The quotation continues, “and we can choose only what seems best at the time the choice is made.”

“You’d be cheating them by taking more than your share of the work.” Penny to Roi, when he offers to do some of the camp work by using his esper abilities. Tourist Trap, by Sue Ann Bowling

(These are the quotes posted on Twitter @sueannbowling over the past week.)