I’m going to continue from last week’s snippet from Tourist Trap, again to emphasize what Derik wants Roi to strip from his memory and put into storage a couple of hundred years later. Note that Zhaim is Roi’s half brother.

Zhaim could not have been expecting anything but cowed obedience or flight. When Roi launched himself at his half-brother, the older R’il’noid stood frozen for long enough that Roi’s hand was firm on the beamer as they fell together. All that Zhaim had done to him and to the people he loved most came flooding into his mind, and his whole being exploded into an inferno of rage. He fought for control of the beamer, slamming the stock repeatedly into Zhaim’s shoulder when he couldn’t get it into his brother’s face, using teeth and knees relentlessly. He was ready to kill his brother as that brother would have killed his friends, slowly, savoring every bit of pain he could wring from his helpless victim.

Then he felt Timi’s delayed shock, and his left arm was grabbed and twisted behind his back.

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