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A very quick note. I have a guest blog up on But What Are They Eating about some of the foods my characters eat–and why those using esper talents must eat so much to avoid low blood sugar.

The first six quotes are from the same book, Warlock of the Witch World, by Andre Norton. As you can see, my copy is pretty old.

“There is a vast distance between learning and wisdom.”  Kemoc, more than a little frightened by the effect of the words out of Lormt that he has spoken.

“Water can be a bad weapon to face.” Dauhaun, on hearing that the water-people, the Krogan, have refused alliance.

“Fear I wanted least of all, for fear may drive the one afraid to violent action.” Kemoc, captured by the moss-wives, as tried to contact them with his mind and is concerned that what he feels is fear.

“To read of the futures may weaken your resolve.” Loskeetha, warning Kemoc that the foreseeing he desires may not help him.

“Fear is a great governor of minds.” Orsya, trying to explain to Kemoc why her own people are now willing to sacrifice her.

“What lies ahead can change many times before we reach it.” Orsya is trying to offset the near-paralysis that hold Kemoc after Loskeetha’s reading of his future.

“She didn’t need an imaginary companion.” Sue Ann Bowling, Homecoming. Marna is trying to convince herself she doesn’t need the companionship of the ghost of her dead lover.