All of last week’s Twitter quotes but the last were from Owlflight, by Mercedes Lackey and Larry Dixon.

“Nobody ever asked me what I wanted, not once.” Darian’s thoughts on being apprenticed to Mage Justyn.

“How could anyone let fear blind him to so much of wonder and beauty?” Darian, scorning the villagers for being afraid to venture into the forest.

“Half of being clever is being certain you are not being stupid.” Shin’a’in proverb, a favorite of Snowfire’s.

“There is no arguing with a feeling.” Snowfire is trying to convince Darian that he should not feel guilt over Justyn’s death.

“Put the guilt where it rightly belongs.” Snowfire is arguing that the real guilt should be laid on the leader of the barbarians who attacked Errol’s Grove.

“I wish people would think before they do things like this to children!” Nightwind is furious with the elders of Errol’s Grove because, in her words, “Before he has lived a single day with these people, he has been given the message that they disapprove of him, it is wrong to care deeply about the parents he loved because they don’t deserve it, and he is to be grateful to people whose ways are utterly at odds with his!”

“The worst of slavery, for her, had been the lack of choice.” Sue Ann Bowling, Tourist Trap. Flame’s thoughts on her past slavery, quite different from Timi’s and Amber’s.