Yes, that's sunshine!

My Twitter quotes for the past week have mostly been from Anne McCaffrey. Damia, at least, has just been reissued.

“Why do children have the reserves of energy people my age so desperately need?” Anne McCaffrey, Damia. Isthia Raven, when she finds herself raising her grandchildren.

“One blind man can’t lead another effectively.” Anne McCaffrey, Damia. Isthia, referring to the need for the Talented to learn from teachers with Talent.

“If you want it done right, do it yourself.” Anne McCaffrey, Damia. The full quatation is: Jeff rather thought she got what she deserved. “You said ‘if you want it done right, do it yourself!’ once too often, Mother.”

“When does ‘fair’ enter into any relationship?” Anne McCaffrey, Damia. Afra to Damia, after she has protested his pointing out that he has known her since before her birth.

“‘Feelings’ are what you trust when logic isn’t worth a hoot.” Anne McCaffrey, Ring of Fear. Nialla’s response when Rafe comments on his housekeeper’s “feelings.”

“Money tends to beget money.” Anne McCaffrey, Ring of Fear. Rafe is explaining to Nialla, who has married him without knowing of his wealth, that he does not need her insurance money.

“My first priority was staying alive.” Sue Ann Bowling, Tourist Trap. Roi is trying to help Penny understand how slavery has affected him.

If you want the challenge of trying to identify quotes, I post one a day at @sueannbowling.