The first six quotations are from Three against the Witch World, by Andre Norton.

“If one is content to use a tool, then one shall never know what one can do without it.” Kaththea, arguing that her lack of a witch jewel may not me as much of a handicap as generally thought. 64

“Can you turn your back on all this merely because it suffers from some disease?” Kaththea, arguing that Escore is worth fighting for.

“Not always are light and dark so opposed, one to the other.”  Kaththea, as she prepares to work a magic that is best carried out at sunset. 96

“In due time I would pay for what I had done.” Kyllan, knowing he has weakened his gift by using it to lure a prong-horn to its death that he and his siblings might eat. He pays sooner that he thinks, as he is enthralled by the Keplian early the next morning.

“I cannot hide all thoughts.” Kyllan, about to leave the Lady Dahaun on a mission. He is in love with her and she with him, and they both know it though no explicit word has been spoken.

“They merely supply the impulse, you the actors for carrying it out.” Kemoc to Kyllan as they face the hallucinations of the witches in their rescue of Kaththea.

“There are times when I slap myself on the head and wonder how I could have been so stupid.” Sue Ann  Bowling, Jarn’s Journal. Jarn suddenly realizes that he has the supplies to build a defense against predators.