I didn’t get to the ice park until after the single-block sculptures were judged, so I didn’t see them in progress. But I did get to see the multi-block sculptures at several stages. These photos are mostly of incomplete sculptures, so you get some idea of how they’re done.

Tools are, to put it mildly, eclectic. The first is a long-nosed chain saw.

Next there are a wide variety of hand and power tools, including both hand and impact chisels, screwdrivers, propane torches, screwdrivers, Dremels, brushes, and even hairdryers.

The drawings have to be transferred to each block of ice.

The blocks may need to be piled up, and for this the artists have the help of heavy equipment. Scaffolding is available, and often needed to reach the surfaces to be carved. These blocks, for instance will be carved into the appearance of a stone bridge.

These will eventually be in the round, but not yet.

And this is the early stages of a bird-themed one,

which finished up looking like this. The trailers provide shade.

Even yesterday, after the judging, this artist was sharpening up his sculpture.

I’ll have photos of the winners up in a few days.