Single block 2? Well, I couldn’t get them all in one post, so I split them up. Some of these were taken from the train (which bounced badly, so I hope they aren’t too blurred.) I’m going to use larger photos this time, in hopes they won’t change places!

This was 7th place, “Giving Thanks to the Great Spirit.”

8th place was “Dragontango.”

9th place was “Spirits of our Ancestors. The shoulder and beard at the far left belong to the train driver.

10th place was “Pegasus in Sky.” This one was definitely taken from the train.

“Entertainment” took the Artists’ Choice award.

“Your Move” is a hero-and-dragon theme, always popular.

“Unrest” really showcases the ice.

“Feather” is another that caught my eye. Notice that all of the single-block sculptures are set among trees, for protection from the sun.

No, that’s not all of the photos I took. Next week I’ll show the progress of the multi-block sculptures, which are sculpted from up to 10 blocks of ice, each 6’ x 4’ by 3’. The judging was yesterday evening, when the sculptures were lighted. Will I have any photos of the lighted sculptures? Depends on whether I can hitch a ride after dark.