"Treasure Hunt Blue Marine" won first place in the single block competition.

"The Quest" took second place.

I’m splitting this into several posts, mostly photos. I got to the ice park Monday, and walked around part of the single-block competition. It wasn’t too cold — a little above zero, and I was warmly dressed. But I was walking with a cane, and the way the ice was broken up on the paths (I suppose to keep it from being too slippery) made sure I really needed that cane! Holding onto a cane while taking pictures with mittens on …. Well, I had to pick the cane up off the

"Acrobats" took 3rd place

path several times, first carefully placing my feet so I didn’t lose my balance. I came back after OLLI classes in the afternoon, and took the train (painted plywood cars pulled by an off-road vehicle) through the single-block exhibit. I’ll post those photos Saturday.

"Hudson Hawk" took 4th place

In the single-block competition each team is provided with a single block of ice, 8′ x 5′ by 3′, with the 3′ being the depth of the pond ice. Some sculptures are made by cutting and stacking the single block, but that’s the amount of ice the sculptor has to work with. If you want to see larger versions of any of the pictures, just click on the photo. Sorry I can’t seem to get WordPress to put the pictures where I want them.

6th place; "Space Dog."

5th place, "Birth of Matter"