These are the contexts of the quotes tweeted from @sueannbowling between February 17 and 22, 2012. The first six quotations are from Web of the Witch World, by Andre Norton. Originally published in 1964 and I have the original paperback, very yellowed but still holding together. The cover price is 40 cents.

“One who climbs to heights must beware of the footing.” Loyse, speaking to Aldis about the Duke.

“Perhaps the bold move was the right one.” Simon in Duke Yvian’s hold, as he feels something is wrong.

“What better hammer than those its builders had devised?” Simon as he is first falling under the domination of the Kolder, looking at their sky ships as a way to enter their fortress of Yle.

”When need drives, we obey.” The lady of Tor, explaining why the Tormen are turning Simon over to the Kolder.

“We do not yet know the limits of this we hold.” Jaelith to Simon, when he begins to doubt whether he should have asked her aid in dealing with the Kolder.

“Perhaps simpler, but not the right answer.” Jaelith, confirming Simon’s reluctance to attack the Kolder stronghold directly.

“Could one will good fortune or ill?” Simon fretting as he waits for action in the final strike against the Kolder.

“Feline curiosity was even stronger than hunger.” Sue Ann Bowling, Tourist Trap. This is inside the head of the puma stalking Roi.