All of today’s quotes but the last are from Storm Breaking, by Mercedes Lackey.

“When the enemy is “dead” to the world one inhabits, he might as well be dead in totality.” Melles, reluctantly giving up on Tremane’s death.

“History is in the small items as much as the large ones.” Lyam is almost overcome by finding a brush that Urtho himself handled. Modern historians, trying to recreate the life of the past, would probably agree with him.

“One should always begin with friendship, rather than a more ardent emotion.” Sejanes, advising Karal about love.

“Most people don’t believe that a disaster can come, or that it can affect them.” The exact quote, which was a little long for Twitter, was “Most people don’t believe that a disaster is coming, or that it can affect them, even when they’re told repeatedly.” Karal’s side note, as he is talking via teleson with the Council in Haven shortly before the final Storm.

“Keep in mind that a nation is made up of people.” Part of Altra’s response to Karal’s suggestion that all gods should be prayed to for help for all people, even those of the Empire, against the final storm. The full quote is “You manage to keep in mind that a nation is made up of people, most of whom have little or no control over what their leaders do.”

“Life is attention to both the large and the small.” Part of Altra’s lecture to Karal on keeping balance in his life as a priest.

“Part of the fun was to guess who had given each gift.” Sue Ann Bowling, Homecoming. Birthday celebrations on Central involved gifts to the person with a birthday, but the giver’s name had to be guessed.