It’s Sunday again, and I’m still posting consecutive bits from the second chapter of Rescue Operation (working title.) Tod’s the youngest of a group of teenaged “freedom fighters” who’ve been captured by slavers. To look at previous snippets, click “Six Sentence Sunday” on the Index page.

This is the end of this selection; I think for the next couple of Sundays I’ll try snippets from the newly revised first chapter of Rescue Operation. After that I’ll pull six sentences from other things — possibly from one of my published books, possibly a bit from something not published. And this has been very early (from Chapter 2) so Tod still has a large role to play.

Callan was no help, but Buck moved toward Tod, guessing what the younger boy intended.  Tammy stumbled into her captor, driving him toward Tod, and Tod managed to get his bound wrists over the man’s head, jerking back and around in an effort to choke the slaver while Tammy rolled under the cable and into the rocks and brush downhill from the road.

Run, he thought while he did his best to keep the slavers’ attention.  Then pain struck, even worse than one of his father’s beatings.

Keep fighting, keep their attention focused on him!  In the end, he passed out without even knowing whether Tammy had escaped.

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