This is part of the (fictional) Journal of a human-like alien stranded on Earth, in southern Africa, 125,000 years ago.

Day 718

I have to get hold of myself and do something! I’ve done nothing but mope the last fiveday—I haven’t even kept up this journal, or marked where sunset occurs. The fact is, I’ve gotten so used to company that I’ve forgotten how to function without it.

How did I survive before I found Songbird? Mostly, as I recall, I was trying to stay alive and to explore this place where I found myself. Staying alive is not much of a problem now – at least I know what is edible, and if I can’t find it nearby, I can teleport to a number of places where food can generally be found. Exploring ….

I need shoes! Between Songbird and her people I have a reasonable wardrobe – not the kind I am accustomed to, but quite enough to protect me in this relatively warm environment. I have containers. I know now how to cook after a fashion. I have shelter. I cannot teleport to a place where I have never been, and I cannot walk very far to find places I have not yet seen – which is most of the landmass on which I find myself.

Can I make something to protect my feet?

The buffalo hide is tough enough for soles, but I need something to fasten it to the bottoms of my feet without chafing. Straps of the softer hides, perhaps?

I have teleported to really distinctive landmarks, and from them to other landmarks. That is how I found the jungle with its fruit trees, even before I found Songbird. But my ship shoes then were considerably more usable than they are now. It still comes back to footwear.

So the first “something” I have to do is to start leaning to make some kind of shoes or sandals. The second? Work out a better local calendar, so I know when to start looking for Songbird’s people to return.