All of the quotations but the last this week were from Witch World, by Andre Norton. (Notice the price!)

“Who is to say what is history and what is not?” Petronius to Simon, when he begins talking about the Siege Perilous.

“Only a desperate man chooses an irrevocable future.”  Petronius to Simon, explaining why he has not tried the new world supposedly offered by the Siege Perilous.

“Have you ever seen a man born of woman who can control the tides?” The head witch to Magnus Osberic in the meeting before it is decided that the witches of Estcarp will assist in defending Sulcarkeep.

”Blindness they may seek, but blindness can enfold two ways.” The witch Simon rescued earlier, considering ways of countering the fog sent upon them by the Kolder.

“Still we war, and peace sits only lightly.” Part of the speech Koris makes to the mummified Volt before taking Volt’s ax.

“We are still in the midst of a war, and not victors at the end of one.” The witch to Simon, just before she entrusts him with her Name.

“You do as you wish and as you feel you must. Just leave me out of it.” Sue Ann Bowling, Homecoming. Marna to Lai, as he is trying to talk her into returning to the Confederation with him.