More quotes from Storm Breaking, by Mercedes Lackey. The first two are a continuation of the Shin’a’in proverbs bombarding Karal.

“Never sit down to eat with your sword at your side.”

“Better an honest enemy than a feigned friend.”

“Who is wisest, says least.” Karal finally manages to interrupt the leshy’a Kal’enedral’s proverbs.

“Despair was an emotion for weaklings or failures.” Emperor Charliss, as he sees his empire crumbling around him.

“The best plans never survive the first engagement with the enemy.” Darkwind, thinking of a Shin’a’in proverb and wondering how the Eastern Empire has survived so long when it insists on having plans for everything.

“As with cards, duels and death sports, look at the odds — but consider the stakes.” Melles, considering how to gain control of the Empire.

“Having power and not using it was a form of weakness.” Sue Ann Bowling, Homecoming. Part of Zhaim’s philosophy of life, but it would fit Charliss just as well.