Sunrise will be 10:29 and sunset 3:37 for 5 hr 12 minutes of daytime today, almost 6 minutes more than yesterday. The sun is now getting 4.4° above the horizon, almost 9 solar diameters. I haven’t seen sunlight on the walls yet, but I think I did just see a spark through the trees yesterday. I can see sunlight on the treetops across the road.

Yes, it’s been clear again – and cold, even by local standards. The indoor-outdoor thermometer has been stuck on LL (below 40 below) for a couple of days now, as of Sunday. It’s supposed to cloud over and get warmer today. I hope!

Not much snow here lately; we’re on the other side of the Alaska Range from Cordova. In fact, the snowpack has settled more than it has grown – I’d say 18” now, and no new snow in sight.

But the seed catalogs are arriving. I have five now, and I’m drooling over them. Park’s even has both of my favorite beans for Alaska back: Gina and Rocdor. Both bear early and well in our cold climate, though this year I’m going to start them a little earlier. Hope they don’t peak during Summer Arts Festival!