It’s Sunday again, and I’m still posting consecutive bits from the second chapter of Rescue Operation (working title.) Tod’s the youngest of a group of teenaged “freedom fighters” who’ve been captured by slavers. To look at previous snippets, click “Six sentence Sunday” under the “Writing” tab.

Callan’s voice was rising, joined by that of Tod’s older brother.  Stupid.  Neither father was there, and somehow Tod doubted that their captors would pay much attention if they were.  And while their own father might try to save the older boy if it wasn’t too much trouble, his only use for the twins was as unpaid labor or for something to beat on when he was drunk.  He didn’t think his own first thought, that he and Tammy might be too young to interest the slavers, was true.  Not after what the woman had said.

Like more? This book isn’t published yet, but two of Tod’s remote ancestors and a number of the other, non-aging characters are in Homecoming and Tourist Trap.

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