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500+ posts is too many for me to keep track of, and quite a few are “reference” posts, such as the ones on planet building or horse coat color genetics. So I’m putting in a new feature, an index page that links to posts linking to the posts on a given topic. (Sound confusing? Try doing it!)

These indexing posts start today (see below) and will appear occasionally until the reference posts are all indexed. After that I’ll just be updating the index posts, which will be accessible from the Index tab above.

DVD Reviews

Here, all in one place, are links to my reviews of some of my favorite DVDs.
This list will be linked from the Index page, and I’ll be adding to it as new DVDs are reviewed.

Understanding the Human Factor (Great Courses) 6/12/10
Beauty and the Beast 3/24/11
Chased by Dinosaurs 4/26/11
Prehistoric Park 5/3/11
Before the Dinosaurs 5/10/11
Walking with Dinosaurs 5/24/11
Walking with Prehistoric Beasts 5/31/11
Inside Planet Earth 6/7/11
Dinosaurs: Extreme Survivors 6/14/11
Madagascar (Attenborough) 6/21/11
How the Earth was Made Season 1 7/5/11
Brigadoon 8/23/11
Singin’ in the Rain 9/27/11
Cats 10/11/11
How the Grinch Stole Christmas 11/29/11
Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker Ballet 12/6/11
A Christmas Carol (Disney) 12/13/11
Hogfather 12/20/11
The Future is Wild 12/27/11
Dinosaurs Unearthed 1/10/12
Prehistoric Predators 1/17/12
Skywatching (Great Courses) 1/24/12
Sky Monsters 1/31/12
Bizarre Dinosaurs 2/7/12
Oceanography (great Courses) 2/14/12
Cinderella 2/21/12
The Four-Winged Dinosaur 4/3/12
Allosaurus 4/10/12
Pride and Prejudice 4/17/12
IMAX T-Rex 4/24/12
Dinosaurs Inside and Out 5/8/12
Essential Dinosaur Collection, Disc 1 5/15/12
Essential Dinosaur Collection Disc 2 5/22/12
Arctic Dinosaurs 5/29/12
Dinosaurs: Perfect Predators 6/5/12
Waking the Baby Mammoth 6/12/12
Frozen Planet 6/19/12
Those Magnificent Men in their Flying Machines 6/26/12
Those Daring Young Men in their Jaunty Jalopies 7/3/12
The Great Race 7/31/12
Invitation to the Dance 8/21/12
Pride and Prejudice with Kiera Knightly 2/12/13
Mansfield Park (BBC 1986) 2/11/14
Mansfield Park 4/15/14
Birth and Death of Stars 4/22/14
Mansfield Park (2007) 6/10/14