All of this week’s quotes but the last are from books by Anne McCaffrey.

“One had to know the rules before one could break them.” Pegasus in Flight. Something Tirla learned early from one of her mother’s men.

“We can’t do something right without doing something wrong” Pegasus in Flight. Rhyssa to Peter, shortly after he has demonstrated his ability to land a shuttle full of aid workers in impossible weather.

“There’s been no major forward progress in all of human history that has not been accompanied by some problems.” Pegasus in Flight. Rhyssa speaking to Peter, trying to comfort him for inadvertently creating a problem.

“Bureaucracy in its usual obstructive role.” Pegasus in Space. Rhyssa and Dorotea discussing Admiral Coetzer’s problems with the Space Authority.

“I was told that there were no old, bold pilots.” Pegasus in Space. Peter when their on-board computers do not agree on whether they are go for a moon voyage. The usual form, often heard here in Alaska, is “There are old pilots and there are bold pilots, but there are no old, bold pilots.”

“The people who do the work are the last ones to know.” Pegasus in Space. Peter and Johnny, after finding that their telekinetic abilities are explained by quantum mechanics, and saying that this should be one of Murphy’s laws.

“It was hard to trust the judgment of the three youngsters.” Sue Ann Bowling, Homecoming. Derik is beginning to suspect Roi is having more problems in school than he is willing to admit, but getting Roi and his two friends to tell him what’s wrong is a problem.