Since it’s Christmas day, I’m posting a bit from a conversation between two of my characters, both in their teens, at a boarding school. This is from a published work, Homecoming. I’ll get back to Tod’s story next week.  Six Sentence Sunday is officially closed for Christmas, so I’ll post a little more than six sentences.

“You planning to do anything special over the holidays?” Cory asked. “Break’s less than a month away, you know.”

“Just stay here, I guess. Xazhar’s staying, too.” That frightened Roi a little. Xazhar was bad enough with classes and plasmaball. Xazhar with nothing to do ….

“Well, you’re invited to come home with me. Ander most always comes. Anyway, Mom loves company she can mother.”

“I’d love to come,” Roi whispered to Coryn, so overcome he could hardly manage the sound.

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