Today has more Twitter quotes from Mercedes Lackey, this time from Storm Rising.

“Every time you solve a problem you bring up twenty more.” Natoli, talking about the  plans for steam carriages.

“There are some things a man is not meant to know.” In this case, Tremane is thinking of a sewage plant that produces fertilizer. He doesn’t know how it works, and he doesn’t want to.

“Every gift carries the hope for an exchange.” Another Shin’a’in saying, this one quoted by An’desha when he tries to help Karal, who has helped him earlier.

“Once knowledge is gained, there is no going back to ignorance.” Karal, musing about his newfound ability to see things from all sides.

“There is no end to questioning, except decay.” Natoli, trying to explain her seeking spirit to Karal.

“It all obeys rules. It is all perfectly logical.” An’desha, speaking of magic to Natoli when she objects to the Healer dosing Karal’s incipient ulcer with herbs and diet restrictions rather than using magic to heal him.

“Teleporting on a round planet brought problems other than conservation of momentum.” Bowling, Homecoming. Roi has just fully realized that his teleport has produced a 7 hour time zone shift.