This is from a WIP, Rescue Operation, and continues from last week.

“You just wait until my father finds out,” Callan blustered, and Tod exchanged a look with Tammy, whose eyes were now open.  As a general rule Callan’s father did “take care of things” for his son, even when the son had ruined a couple of girls’ lives by getting them pregnant.  Fat chance his father could help him out of this scrape!

There was a faint hum above them–a hum that would have been covered by the sound of his horse’s galloping hooves, Tod realized.  No wonder they’d been able to pick him off without his ever hearing them.  Tod hoped his horse was all right, but at least he hadn’t heard a horse screaming, and he was pretty sure he’d still been in earshot of the transport when he’d gone down.

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