Anne McCaffrey died last month, at 85. Although she is best known for her Pern books, she wrote a number of other series and genres. All but the last quote this week are from To Ride Pegasus, a book of some of her early shorter works on the Talented. Take them as they are meant: as a tribute to one of the authors who has most influenced me. I don’t have all of her books, but I have most, and plan to quote from more of them on Twitter @sueannbowling.

“You’d see a lot from the back of a winged horse.” From “To Ride Pegasus.” Henry speaking to Molly just after he has come up with the metaphor for paranormal Talents as winged horses.

“It’s human nature to fear — and distrust — what is different.” “A Womanly Talent.” Senator Andres, speaking to Daffyd op Owen about some of the problems involved an a law to protect the Talented in the legitimate use of their Talents.

“You’re too honest to be up against us crook politicians.” Also from “A Womanly Talent.”Senator Andres speaking to Daffyd, later in the same conversation.

“Very few people can stand the whole, complete, unvarnished truth.” This one’s from “A Bridle for Pegasus.” Jerry Frames is arguing with Daffyd and pleading with him to conceal information sometimes.

“Different minds react to different stimuli.” Again, from “A Bridle for Pegasus.” This time Daffyd is speaking to Frank Gillings, the Commissioner of Law Enforcement for the city of Jerhatten.

“When you ride a winged horse, you can’t dismount.” Back to the first story, “To Ride Pegasus” as Molly realizes the height – and the danger – to which her Talent might take her.

“Different … and she was looking for difference.” Sue Ann Bowling, Tourist Trap. Marna is trying to track down the source of the plague on Eversummer, and has just found an anomalous result.