All but the last two of these quotes are from Storm Warning, by Mercedes Lackey.

“Friends help friends.” Karal, just as he is preparing to risk his life to prove to An’desha that he can control his mage-gift.

“Leaders are just people, and they frequently forget to think before they act.” Karal, arguing that the whole Empire should not be blamed for the fact that some of its leaders decided to kill his mentor, Ulrich.

“Cats. They always know.” Elspeth, right after Altra the firecat has summed up her dislike of being forced into anything.

“When we have done all we can, then it is time to add prayer to the rest.” One of Ulrich’s sayings that Karal remembers on the way to the Iftel border.

“Understanding is the essence of not making the same mistakes.” Karal to An’desha, when he hears the doubt in An’desha’s voice as he recounts some of the things that Ma’ar did.

“It does not matter what is, when the people are convinced that the very opposite is what should be. Mercedes Lackey, Storm Rising. An’desha, discussing problems of religion with Karal.

“The younger they are, the easier they take to free fall.” Sue Ann Bowling, Homecoming. Derik’s comment after helping with a birthday party for two-year-olds in a free fall gym. (The children at the party have had a wonderful time. Derik and Elyra have had to deal with the parents.)