All but the last of the quotes I tweeted this past week from @sueannbowling are from a single book, Storm Warning.

“If you want to make your enemy into something you can hate, you first remove his humanity.” Mercedes Lackey, Storm Warning. Karal can’t remember whether Ulrich or Solaris said that, but he’s having a hard time remembering Heralds aren’t really White Demons.

“You don’t go into a pairing intending to try and change someone to suit you.”  Mercedes Lackey, Storm Warning. Elspeth is trying to explain to An’desha that Firewind’s apparent attempt to seduce Darkwind was only teasing.

“Everything in this world is paid for, in the end.” Mercedes Lackey, Storm Warning. Karal’s thoughts, his first night at Haven.

“It is wise to be remote in the presence of one who conjures demons.” Mercedes Lackey, Storm Warning. A Shin’a’in proverb, quoted by Talia as she tries to explain to Karal that one of the reasons he finds trouble making friends is that people fear him.

“It’s a cliché precisely because it is so often true.” Mercedes Lackey, Storm Warning. Talia again, and this time the cliché is that “the only cure for anything is time.” She’s speaking to Karal about his homesickness.

“Anyone who is more intelligent than the people around him has troubles as a child.” Mercedes Lackey, Storm Warning. An’desha, Karal and Natoli are comparing childhoods.

“Does it matter who he is, then, if you trust him?” Sue Ann Bowling, Tourist Trap. Roi to Marna, on hearing her explanation of Win. Marna’s not sure whether Win is a ghost, her own subconscious, or a guardian angel. (Neither am I.)