I just realized I’m approaching 500 posts! In fact, this one is number 484, and a celebration seems in order. So I’m hosting a little giveaway.

The rules?

1.  Leave a comment on any of my posts on http://HomecomingBook.wordpress.com, from 1 though 499 (which will be Friday, November 18.) Yahoo should inform me of new comments, regardless of how far back the post. Comments must be on the original blog, not on clones (facebook, Amazon, Goodreads, SheWrites etc.)

2. The comment must include the words “contest entry” so I can check my spam folder for legitimate entries. (I’ve had legitimate comments flagged as spam before, as well as unflagged comments I suspected were spam.)

3. You may comment on as many as 5 different posts, but no more than one comment per post. Also, these must be new comments, dated after this post goes live. No person can win more than one prize.

4. All comments will be entered in a drawing, using a random number generator (probably Stat Trek) to determine the first place and four runner-ups.

5. The Prizes! First place will be a trade paperback copy of Homecoming or Tourist Trap, winner’s choice of which. Second through fifth place will be a PDF copy of either, winner’s choice. If the first place winner has both books, he or she may opt to receive three shorter, unpublished SFF pieces in PFD. These are “Horse Power,” a 6700 word short set several years after Tourist Trap, “The Only Good Werewolf”, a werewolf story set today (8800 words), or “Useless,” a 4500 word colonization story. Second through fifth place winners may opt to receive any one of these stories.

Spread the word!