“Identifiable geniuses carved niches for themselves in history.” Poul Anderson, Time Patrolman. Everard reflecting on why the Time Patrol had problems recruiting natives.

“What was legal did not necessarily align with what was actual.” Piers Anthony, Wielding a Red Sword. A reflection on caste, which has been legally abolished in an India with working magic.

“No one is exempt from grief.” Gregory McGuire, Wicked. The Scarecrow agreeing with Dorothy that the Wicket Witch of the East is probably grieving the death of her sister.

“Women drew on the life force; it was they who produced new life.” Jean Auel, Clan of the Cave Bear. Part of the belief system of the Neanderthals, according to this interpretation.

“If it were up to men, there wouldn’t even be weddings.” Katherine Kurtz, St Patrick’s Gargoyle. Comment by the gargoyle Paddy, the gargoyle of St Patrick’s, when Templeton is unhappy about the idea of ordaining female priests. The whole quote is: “Believe me, if it were up to men, there wouldn’t even be weddings. They’d be out gathering the nuts and berries, or whatever it is they do these days, while the woman kept things ticking over at home. But the women want celebrations. They want the big dress, and the flowers, and the music, and the bells and smells, and everybody dressed up in their Sunday-best, including the priest. So all in all, women priests ought to have a better handle on stuff like that, right?”

“Felicity slips quickly by, but affliction walks side by side along our path.” Ernest Bramah, Kai Lung Unrolls His Mat. The mandarin Wong Tsoi has just been fished out of the river by Wen Chung, who was planning to drown himself. Wong Troi uses the proverb above as part of his urging Wong Tsoi to come to his hourse for a meal and dry clothes, after which he can drown himself in comfort if he wishes.

“There was nothing like a good religious conflict to advance the technology of torture.” Sue Ann Bowling, Tourist Trap. Zhaim, gloating over his museum of torture implements.