The quotes during the last week were again mostly from Mercedes Lackey, for the same reason as two weeks ago: they’re easy to find and Shin’i’an proverbs are just the right length to tweet.

“Just because you feel that an enemy is lurking behind every bush, it doesn’t follow that you are wrong. Mercedes Lackey, Winds of Change. Elspeth, quoting Kero –another Shin’i’an proverb. Elspeth is worried by the apparent malevolence of the K’Sheyna Heartstone.

“In these times, it was no longer possible to hide behind a veil of politeness.” Mercedes Lackey, Winds of Change. Starblade has invited Tre’valen to his ekele for a purpose, and the normal verbal dance between the two is being curtailed.

“Fire can warm you from a distance, but it burns when you get too close to it.” Mercedes Lackey, Winds of Change. Elspeth’s comment on Firesong.

“People were often like rabbits; frighten them, and their minds ceased to work.” Mercedes Lackey, Winds of Fury  An‘desha reporting Falconsbane’s thoughts to the Avatars, and thinking that Ancar has some reason behind merely frightening his subordinates.

“Love is worth fighting for!” Mercedes Lackey, Winds of Fury. Stephen’s ghost to Skif and Nyara

“Knowledge is good! History is better! Tell me! Tell me all!” Mercedes Lackey, Winds of Fury. Who else but Rris would put that many exclamation points into one utterance? Of course once the destruction of Ancar and Falconsbane is over, he wants to make it into oral history.

“The planet’s name must have been picked out by a publicity agent.” Sue Ann Bowling, Tourist Trap. Marna’s initial thought about the planet Eversummer, which has its rotational axis perpendicular to its ecliptic, and hence no seasons.