Songbird has decided I need new clothes.

Not that I really need them for warmth, unless I go out at night. It cools off fast in the dry season. But there are an awfully lot of thorny plants, and while I don’t sunburn easily, I do sunburn. And the few clothes I had with me are falling to pieces.

That didn’t stop Songbird from close examination of my one-piece shipsuit (or what is left of it) and my woven tunic. Or my crude shoes, for that matter.

She herself is wearing a kind of tunic made of two gazelle skins, beautifully tanned, fastened together at the shoulders and sides. I am not sure whether the purpose is protection from thorns, a sunshade, or simply local cultural mores – I didn’t get a very close look at the females of her people. The men, at least when running down game, wear very little.

But this morning Songbird presented me with a new tunic. It is very coarse of weave, but it is woven – much like the baskets she has woven to hold foodstuffs. It seems to be woven all in one piece, like the baskets, but of softer fibers than grass. When I asked her what the fibers were, she showed me one of the plants she has asked me to gather for the seeds. She then explained that when allowed to soak in water, the fibers could be separated from the stems. Her people use it only rarely, because of the work involved, but she thought that since I am a god it would be appropriate for me.

I have given up on trying to convince her I am not a god.