Here’s the start of a scene from the first book of the trilogy I’m working on. Drafts of all three books are finished, but they still need work.

“Am not a baby, ‘n neither is Tammy,” Tod stated truculently, head tipped back to look up at Callan.  His dislike wasn’t just because Tod was eleven and small for his age, while Callan was a well-grown fifteen, a budding sports hero and the son of the wealthiest politician in town.  Callan was just a little too used to getting anything he wanted.  Tammy was almost as afraid of him as she was of their father, and Tod trusted his twin sister’s instincts.

“Shut up, both of you,” Buck said tiredly.  “Tod may be small, but he’s the best scout we’ve got and far and away the best rider.”

This is science fiction, but the scene takes place on a relatively primitive planet. Like the scene with Amber, I’ll do the whole scene in six-sentence bits.

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