“I’m a little worried that she listened to me.” Doranna Durgin, Dun Lady’s Jess. Carey, not sure he’s given Jess the right advice. The advice?, Well, Jess was born a horse, ridden by Carey, was transformed into a woman on Earth, fell in love with Carey, became a horse again, then a woman, was advised by Carey to be herself — no wonder she’s confused! He’s in love with her in both shapes – but really prefers the woman.

“Sometimes the very young and the very old exhibit true wisdom.” Gayle  Greeno, Mindspeakers’ Call. Khar, a catlike alien with telepathic powers, when a very old man uses his gruel to force Khar’s partner to be heard.

“The marvels of faery cannot be approached without danger.” J. R.Tolkien,  Smith of Wootton Major. Smith has swallowed the star which gives him entrance to Faery, but he is still aware that it is a dangerous place.

“Expect the truth. And the truth is not often palatable.” Dave Duncan,  A Rose-Red City. Jerry and Ariadne are facing the Oracle, and Ariadne has asked what to expect.

“The wolf will win the most meat which warily gangs after prey.” Poul Anderson, The Demon of Scattery. Halldor chiding his  son Ranulf, who is a bit impetuous – even for a Viking.

“You doubt the power of Nature at your peril.” Piers Anthony, With a Tangled Skein. Gaea, the Incarnation of Nature, speaking to Mira just before giving a demonstration of her power. The quote seems appropriate this year.

“If it didn’t work right away, a Challenge journey had all kinds of possibilities for accidents.” Sue Ann Bowling, Tourist Trap. Zhaim, thinking of ways of getting rid of his half-brother.