This is the end of the section I’ve been using for Six Sentence Sunday. In fact, the end of the section was reached after 4 sentences, so I put in two from the next section. Starting next week, I’ll be using bits from WIP.

Her hand rose to touch her aching jaw, and she realized with a start that she was still wearing the breathing mask that had kept her from drowning as she was carried downstream. She didn’t need it to sleep in, she thought, and pulled it off of her face. She was half hypnotized by the dancing flames, and very tired. Gradually her eyes became harder and harder to keep open.


The sun woke her from a nightmare. She had been somewhere else entirely, cramped into a cage.

Tourist Trap is now published (it wasn’t when I started blogging from it) and available from Barnes and Noble and Amazon — I hope by now in all formats. I’d love some reviews.

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