This week it’s all Mercedes Lackey (except mine), all from the first two books of the Mage Winds series. Shin’a’in and Tayledras proverbs make for good Twitter-length quotes!

“There is nothing quite like being able to legitimately pass the responsibility.” Mercedes Lackey, Winds of Fate. Quentin’s thoughts when he realizes he must send Elspeth to another Mage for training.

“He’ll have to know when not to use his power.” Mercedes Lackey, Winds of Fate. Elspeth, considering what kind of mage Valdamar needs.

“That which does not overcome us, strengthens us.” Mercedes Lackey, Winds of Fate. Shin’a’in proverb, quoted by Kra’heera when he sends Elspeth and Skif to the plains without guarding them.

“It doesn’t matter what she is. What matters is what she does.” Mercedes Lackey, Winds of Change. A Heraldic saying, quoted to himself by Skif as he seeks Nyara.

“If it gets caught, it deserves to get eaten.” Mercedes Lackey, Winds of Change. Tayledras saying, quoted by Nyara. This has a double meaning: something caught deserves to be eaten and appreciated, not merely treated as a trophy. (As I tell myself each September when my Mac guru goes off to get a moose for his freezer when my computer is misbehaving.)

“No one has lived who has not been a fool at least once.” Mercedes Lackey, Winds of Change. A Shin’a’in proverb, quoted by Darkwind as he apologizes to Elspeth.

“People misunderstand us pretty often. They don’t often apologize.” Sue Ann Bowling, Tourist Trap. Penny apologizes to Flame for misinterpreting her slipping into Roi’s bunk at night (he has nightmares sleeping alone), and that’s Flame’s answer.