“In the sea there is not the same gravity pull as experienced on land.” Meyers. Context? Dolphin Boy. Young John, a mutant with very slow breathing, has been thrown into the ocean by an explosion and rescued by dolphins.

“The hall was not lit up for light, but for the keeping out of the darkness.” McKinley. Context? “The Twelve Dancing Princesses” from The Door in the Hedge. A description of the hall in which the soldier first meets the princesses.

“When you give a military force an impossible task, all you are doing is asking them to endure.” Barnes. Context? Mother of Storms. Written in 1994, this is an extreme global warning story, in which a nuclear strike on methane clathrates in the Arctic Ocean produces a greenhouse effect—and a tropical storm—of cataclysmic proportions.

“The ability to kill is a necessary survival characteristic of the human animal.” Garrett. Context? Too Many Magicians. The Archbishop of York to Lord Darcy, when the latter is attempting to solve a murder, apparently carried out by supernatural means, at a conference of Church-approved magicians

“The deed is nothing. It is the thought that breeds fear.” Garner. Context? The Weirdstone of Brisingamen. The dwarf Fenodyree, encouraging the children on a particularly tricky place in the tunnel.

“Nearly a third of twenty-first-century society loathed that society from the bottom of its collective heart.” Blish. Context? A Case of Conscience. This was written in short form in 1953, and expanded to novel length in 1958, so it is well over 50 years old. The time scale, at least looks questionable, but the sentiment in the quotation?

“Could it possibly be deliberate terrorism?” Bowling. Context? Tourist Trap. Marna is trying to understand the plague that has affected Eversummer. She has traced it to a toxin, but how is the toxin spread?