Contexts for the last week’s tweets:

“I don’t think you’re ugly. I think you’re beautiful.” Alan Dean Foster, For Love of Mother-Not. Flinx to Mother Mastiff, just after she had bought him.

“I do not profess to agree with every aspect of the system.” Piers Anthony, Bearing an Hourglass. Thanatos (death) explaining why a baby’s soul could be in balance between good and evil.

“What you don’t know can’t get you in trouble.” Poul Anderson, Satan’s World. Falkyn suspects the beautiful girl he is talking to is a spy for a rival corporation. (Anyone else think that Anderson’s Polesotecnic League, which I believe was modeled on the Hanseatic League, forecast today’s multinationals?)

“I do not believe wisdom is ever wasted.” Marion Fisher Bradley,  Stormqueen! Dorilys’ final statement, from the overworld, as she accepts the necessity of staying there forever.

“The best writing is done with the gonads.” Robert Heinlein, The Cat Who Walks Through Walls. Richard Ames, just after Hazel has convinced him she is indeed Hazel Stone, writer behind “The Scourge of the Spaceways.”

“Mercy need not clash with justice.” Kathleen Kurtz, The King’s Justice. Morgan talking to Kelson and reminding him that even the most guilty should have a chance to see a priest before they are executed.

“She remembered how painful it had been to admit peccadilloes to her parents.” Sue Ann Bowling, Tourist Trap. Penny, when she agrees not to tell Roi’s parents about the stupid things he had done.