“Standing armies are expensive beasts to maintain.” Mercedes Lackey, Exile’s Honor. Alberich’s reaction when he first hears of Karse’s hiring the Tedrels.

“Where there are fortunes to be made, men will seek to make them, be the source never so vile.” Mercedes Lackey, Exile’s Valor. Alberich, as he is trying to recruit Keren to aid in his undercover work.

“Losin’ temper makes people do stupid things.” Mercedes Lackey, Take A Thief. Skif, explaining to Alberich why he will not wear his new throwing knives as a matter of routine.

“Abstract thought takes a poor second place to berry pies when you’re only thirteen.” Mercedes Lackey,  Arrows of the Queen. Talia is getting her first meal as a helper in the Collegium kitchen.

“There’s nothing like being worse at something than a thirteen-year-old girl to really deflate your opinions of yourself.” Mercedes Lackey,  Arrow’s Flight. Talia’s comment about having Elspeth share her lessons with Alberich, the armsmaster. Talia is eighteen by this time.

“When a man does not claim a reward visibly, I look for a reward hidden.” Mercedes Lackey, Arrow’s Fall. Alberich’s comment on Lord Orthallen.

“When he starts wanting to eat everything in sight, he’s all right.” Sue Ann Bowling, Tourist Trap. Roi has gone into esper shock (low blood sugar from overusing his esper talents) but is starting to come around after having honey smeared in his mouth.