This guy was nibbling the lawn in my front yard. Interesting color for a wild rabbit.

The sun rose at 5:37 this morning and will set at 10:11 this evening, for 16 hours 34 minutes of potential sunlight. We are still losing almost 7 minutes a day, but the rate of decrease has slowed slightly. The sun is now less than 40° above the horizon at noon, but this is balanced by its being more than 11° below the horizon at its lowest, at 1:55 this morning. We’ll have nautical twilight back before the end of the week, but I doubt we’ll see many stars through the clouds.

Not a great picture (I still havn't learned to time action shots on a digital camera) but you can tell the sun was shining for a moment.

Fair Midway from the top of the Ferris wheel.

Potential sunlight has been very much what we’ve had the week of the fair. Mostly cloudy (typical Fair weather) which means mostly overcast with brief spells of sun and rain, sometimes at the same time. The sun was shining enough to get a few pictures of the horse show Saturday, but by the time I walked over for my annual Ferris wheel ride and got to the top of the wheel, spits of rain were starting to make themselves felt. Luckily I was in the big metal display building by the time the downpour started, so I heard rather than felt it.

Potato plants. Somewhere under all that greenery is a rather small bag in which the potatoes are planted.

The garden is getting out of hand, not least because I can’t get at it without getting my feet soaking wet, which is not a good idea when I have a cold. No sign of red on the tomatoes yet, though lots of green ones. But I’m giving away zucchini, the beets are coming faster than I can eat them, the beans badly need picking, and the potatoes I planted in a bag are overrunning their corner of the old dog run. No frost likely this week, but we only have a few more weeks of gardening left.