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Following right after last week’s.

Her hand slid back down toward the gravel, brushing the heavy climbing belt on the way, her fingers catching on one of the pouches fastened there. Penny’s face came into memory. “You’re going to be short of belt loops, carrying all the anchors,” Penny had said, “so let Timi carry your tracer. But keep the stuff in the emergency pouch with you. It doesn’t weigh that much.”

Emergency pouch.

Tourist Trap is now available from Barnes and Noble or Amazon. If you want to read the scene to date, I’m adding each six sentences to my author website as they are posted here.

Other Six Sentence Sunday posts:

They are nomadic, moving from part to part of their range as the animals they hunt move. I’m fairly sure they are related to the great apes, though they are far more intelligent and communicate with sounds. Not R’il’nian, of course, but I have learned a few words of their speech by listening, and I think it is advanced enough to transmit surprisingly sophisticated concepts. Certainly they teach their young to make weapons and other tools, and it is true teaching, not merely allowing the young to watch.

I have stayed hidden, of course, and nudged them away mentally when they came too close, but they have found my tracks at times, and been very puzzled by them. Especially if Patches is with me. I think they are preparing to leave, following the herds. I find myself wondering if I could learn their language ….

NO! I cannot interfere with their evolution, however much I long to speak with them.

But I will be very lonely, when they have gone.