“There is NOTHING more dangerous than a family disturbance!” Elizabeth Ann Scarborough, Song of Sorcery. Lord Rowan’s response when Colin points out that he and Maggie are merely hoping to resolve a family disturbance. (Maggie’s half-sister, Amberwine, has just left Lord Rowan for Gypsy Davy – as per the ballad.)

“I just hope his mouth never falls into the wrong hands …” Terry Pratchett, Wyrd Sisters. Hwel, listening to Tomjon declaiming a speech Hwel (a dwarf modeled on William Shakespeare) has written himself.

“If it was a choice between love and justice, the choice had to be justice.” Josephine Tey, Brat Ferrar. Brat, after telling the Rector his story—and failing to convince him that his “brother” is a murderer.

“Sometimes there were far-reaching effects from a single action” Andre Norton, “Toys of Tamisen” in Deadly Dreams. Tamisen is studying a new kind of dream, trying to envision a world in which past choices were different. Another variant on the parallel worlds theme.

“Nothing is asked of you but that you shall remain your best self at all times.” Marion Zimmer Bradley,  Night’s Daughter. This novel is based on Mozart’s Magic Flute, and the words are those of Sarastro and of the guide as Tamiano embarks on the Ordeals.

“You must not judge us by our worst and narrowest.” Marion Zimmer Bradley.  Thendara House.  Cholayna (Terran Empire) speaking to Mother Lauria (Darkover Renunciates.)

“You mean everybody else hates my cooking as much as I do?” Sue Ann Bowling, Tourist Trap. Roi is pretty hopeless at camp cooking. (Or any kind of cooking.)