“If you ride a winged horse, you’d better have a wide net when you fall.” McCaffrey. Context? “To Ride Pegasus”, in the book of the same name. Harry Darrow’s statement, quoted after his death, when he has endowed the Parapsychic Center with money to protect its members from lawsuits for using their talents. Kudos to Lyn Thorne-Alder (@lynthornealder) who recognized this.

“That’s a way that love and hate are alike.” Manley Wade Wellman. Context? “O Ugly Bird!” from Who Fears the Devil? This is intended to be based on love — or hate — at first sight.

“If one cannot be a good priest, one should not be a priest at all.” Piper. Context? Lord Kalvan of Otherwhen. Xentos, priest of Dralm on an Aryan-Transpacific time line, when he is first learning of Kalvan’s (Pennsylvania State Trooper Calvin Morrison’s) assumed background.

“It’s a hard thing to hurt someone you understand”. Scarborough. Context? Song of Sorcery. Aunt Sybil’s explanation of why witches worry about their magic causing damage. (Also one of the keys to Roi’s personality, in Homecoming and Tourist Trap.)

“Nobody will be sure till it’s too late.” Poul Anderson. Context? “No Truce With Kings,” a Hugo Award winner. I have it in Winners, a collection of Anderson’s Hugo award winners, but I suspect it could be found in many anthologies. A legal trick has just been used to impeach the head of state, putting his vice (who was added to the ticket as a sop to the war-mongers) in charge, and he is imposing martial law.

“Unfortunately we possessed the common human trait of combativeness.” Andre Norton. Context? The Crossroads of Time. Kittson is explaining the history of travel among what he calls the “successor worlds” to Blake, who is being recruited to the policing force for a myriad of parallel worlds. Note that I’ve used two selections from different authors on parallel worlds with some kind of police enforcing ethical behavior this week.

“Killing came hard to a Healer.” Bowling. Context? Tourist Trap. Roi feels the emotions and sensations of others, even animals he might want to kill for food.