Sunrise at 4:47 am, sunset at 11:05 pm for 18 hours and 18 minutes with the sun above the horizon. We’re losing almost 7 minutes a day, and the sun at its lowest is about 7 ½ degrees below the horizon. Still no astronomical twilight, but the brightest stars would be visible if the sky were clear.

The long days lead to rapid plant growth, and the garden, as usual during Festival, has gotten away from me. The delphiniums have been knocked down by the rain in spite of staking. I measured the height of the lattice, and the horizontal 2×4 at the top is 7 feet above ground level – which gives some idea of the height of the delphiniums. The forecast is still for cloudy with scattered rain showers.

Lots of green tomatoes and bean blossoms, and the pea pods (dwarf gray sugar type) are ready to pick. I didn’t pick the broccoli in time, and I now have heads of yellow flowers. I need to cut them off and hope side shoots appear. The pink lilies are blooming, and the rest of the lilies are well budded and starting to open. It’s cooled down quite a bit, though we’re unlikely to have frost for another couple of weeks. The forecast highs this week are between 65 and 70 °F, with lows in the low 50’s. Fall’s not here yet, but the shortening days are an unpleasant reminder.

P.S. I just checked the beets, and I had better start eating them (and the greens.) They’re huge! How did they get that big in two weeks? (Still can’t get the camera to talk to the computer, so I’m taking blog photos with the iPhone (above) and the iPad (below.)