Jeanne had us read a poem: “From Here to There,” by Naomi Shehat Nye. She had us write about readiness, using the wild word “furnace.” Furnace took over mine.

Jonny talked to us about preparing our voices to read using 3 levels: Breath, sound, and warming up with tongue twisters. Articulation is important.

Frank brought us back to Annette and Stevie again, using them as a lead into POV. He talked about our blue books and the art of the essay, stressing that real essays are written by a particular writer, and read by a particular reader. He then reread the last paragraph of “My Mother in Two Photographs, among Other Things,” by Aleida Rodriguez, and posed the question: How do we know an essay is over? He recommended The Sense of an Ending, by Frank Kermode.

Possible techniques:

Lift language to a higher level

Add event

Satisfaction? Must it be? Inevitability? Promises carried through, or thwarted in an interesting way.

Characters should be advanced.

Margo then took over, before lunch, and had us lay out our sheets in the order they had determined for the book, reserving the page we wanted for our own book. After lunch she showed us how to stack the two-page folders in proper order, with the frontpiece and backpiece in their proper order. We then repeated this in the forms, two pieces of wood clamped at right angles, and fastened adjacent pages together with two-sided tape. Finally she showed us how to crease and apply the cover, and add the title. We wound up the day with a book apiece to take home, with embellished pages written and painted by every person in the class.

Tomorrow afternoon the class member will read in Schaible Hall, starting at 1:30 pm. This will be a public event, open to anyone.

I took pictures, but my camera is refusing to download them.