Frank Soos gave us a problem in voice and character development. We were given two scenarios:1. Annette (mom) and Stevie (son, 13 yrs old): build the dialogue and interaction between these two, beginning with Annette’s opening line: “Stevie, want to tell me about this baggie I found in your room?”

We wound up with several scenarios, with one or the other coming out somewhat on top. (Mine is in the comments as far as I got.)
Second saw a mom with a 4-year-old daughter, whose first line(at a laundromat or grocery store) was “Mommy, can I have some candy?” We didn’t have time to work this one out, but several people had seen similar scenarios. I pointed out that the situation could be heightened by letting the daughter be diabetic.

Jonny Gray did not take us outdoors (it was threatening rain) but discussed readings. Some of the things we discussed were scene of telling vs scene of event, the line from certainties through probabilities to possibilities and finally to distortions. Another continuum runs from evocative reading aloud, through interpretation to full embided presentation to critical performance. His advice on baseline technique was to frame the peace with an introduction (prompting) and closure.

Jeanne Clark had us read a poem: “The Artist Speaks of Gray,” by Anne Coray. She defined a caesura or pause, which in this poem was indicated not only by puctuation and line breaks, but also by variation in the amount of space between words. We were then invited to choose a color and write about it, incorporating a list and using the wild word, “bucket.” I had to leave early as I was reading at Lunch Bites, but for some reason my poem and the two others read all chose brown!

Margo had studio in the afternoon, and we got down to work on the Porchoir. Margo had all of our poems copied, and we each got 36 copes of two facing pages to embellish. This is going to take time—I got my first color applied to all 36 pages, but I still have 4 colors and a number of stencils to go. We only have 2 more days for painting.

Sorry no pictures today; I should have taken some of the class painting.