Available-light photo, 11 pm 7/24. Yellow cast to windows is due to my rusty water.

Sunrise 4:26 am, sunset 11:26 pm for just under 19 hours with the sun above the horizon. We’re losing almost 7 minutes a day now. The sun is now dipping almost 5 ½ degrees below the horizon at solar midnight, and in  about 4 more days nautical twilight will be back and civil twilight will no longer be as dark as it ever gets.

Not much rain last week, and a fair amount of sunshine. Great for our outdoor exercises at festival, but the garden is starting to look a little parched. Next week’s forecast? More clouds, possible afternoon showers, daytime temperatures high 60’s to low 70’s.

The garden has been neglected the past week because of Festival, and the zucchini and broccoli are threatening to get ahead of me. The beans and peas, which normally peak around Festival, are slow this year. Lots of green tomatoes but nothing ripe yet, and I’d better plan on beet greens – and a few small beets – for supper in the next few days.